Life Lately: March


Potipot 2017

March was not the month for me. I had some rough times that I thought I wouldn’t be able to overcome. But in the end, I still managed to get through those.

So what went on during this month?

  1. First beach for the year. We went to Potipot Island and it was a paradise. I surely would go back.
  2. Second attempt for a major hike. Mt. Tapulao was a challenge just like Mt. Damas.
  3. K-dramas. Love in the Moonlight, Goblin, rewatch of Descendants of the Sun.
  4. The much awaited Beauty and the Beast.
  5. My Ex and Whys. It’s partially shot in Korea and I fell more in love with the place.
  6. I missed Before I Fall movie so I’m reading it (not yet done with it).

Nothing happened that much, and as for my writing, I didn’t get to write much. I’d try to catch up on the following months and hopefully I’d get to add new read books on my list as well.



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