Mt. Cayabu-Maynuba & 8 Wonderfalls


Mt. Cayabu-Maynoba (also known as the Maynoba Circuit) is located at Brgy. Cayabu, Tanay, Rizal

Upon arrival, we took few minutes to refresh, go to the bathroom and just wait. Our coordinators for that day was Pablo and Tusi, and it’s my first time to hike with Monxter Outdoor without kuya Dexter. After refreshing, we went to the registration for listing the names and to meet our guides. We had five because we were a big group. I should remember our guide names (sorry! If you know comment below) but their names slipped up already and all I could remember was the one who was with us who was Desiree (I hoped I got the spelling of her name right).

I was part of the first five because I didn’t want to be in the middle or behind. It’s much comfortable that way. I was not bragging or anything, I just think that it’s much use of time and energy. So be part of the first five always, okay?

We arrived just as scheduled so around 3 am, we started our hike. The trail started off with an assault, but not the difficult type of assault. It was formed like a stair so it was easier. That took for at least an hour (if my memory was right) before we got to the part of the trail where there was rappelling. And considering it was still dark, it was a bit hard to see where to put our footings.


Mt. Cayabu summit!

My group was left behind for about thirty minutes or so because of some unexpected happenings. It was around 5:30 am when we got to the overlooking part of the mountain. We were expecting to see some sea of clouds but the weather wasn’t in the mood for that on that day.


When we got to the summit, it was already 6 am and no sea of clouds. Although the view was still great. We stayed there for at least an hour, doing photo-ops, resting and bonding with friends.


Mt. Maynoba summit!




coordinators Tusi and Pablo


Excluding the coordinators, the five in this photo were the guides. The one with her thumbs up was Desiree.


water source

After reaching the summit and resting for a while, we finally headed to the falls.


We decided to have our lunch at the first falls. It was a bit crowded, but we managed to find a good spot to eat and rest.


After lunch, we packed our stuffs and continued our way to the other falls.


Alma and Nica

Some of the photos of the falls below:




After reaching the end of the trail, we took a bath to freshen up then went straight to the carinderia situated at the foot of the mountain to eat lomi.


Also had a dessert to cool me down.


miss this icecream

All in all, it was a fun hike. Even if there were no clearing at the summit, we still able to enjoy each other’s companies.

Video here.

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