Life Lately: February


February had been a challenge for me. It’s the month where I wanted to give up and called it quits. But there was this voice at the back of my head saying I could still do it… that I still could. And as much as I wanted to go, I still have yet to save up!

So, the things that happened to my February…

  1. Food. Lots of it. I think it’s because I was so stressed out I was taking it out to foods.
  2. Overtime. Yep. As much as I didn’t want to admit it, I overworked for this month. I was really exhausted and I just wanted to relax for a bit.
  3. No outdoor activity. Since our hike to Mt. Ulap was cancelled, I didn’t have any follow up event so it left me to work late.
  4. Planning. No activity for February meant lots of this March.
  5. Also, there’s ballet.

I would recharge this month (March) to regain my confidence and happiness. I think it had left me for quite sometime.



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