Life Lately: Random


February is not over and yet a lot of things happened already. What can I say? That’s life.

I’ve mentioned last time that I’ll be on hiatus starting March for my travels but then the supposed last hike this February was cancelled, so my last hike will be this coming March. After that, that’s when I’m calling it hiatus. Hopefully I can do it because I need to save a lot.

Another thing is my passport finally arrived! So I’m planning now my first out of the country with my best friend. This is to make sure that I can save enough for the said travel. The estimated travel date will be on December so I still have a lot of time to save. But that will only happen if I stick to my status for being hiatus. Before that out of the country trip, I still have two major PH travel: Mt. Pulag via Akiki on June (my birthday hike!) and Cebu on July. Whew.

Also, just this early February, my friend/officemate Syra tendered her last day at work. It’s sad, actually. But we’ll stay in touch for sure.

And and and… I watched this movie called My Ex and Whys starring Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil. It’s so cute and funny and romantic.

I just have one question, if I ask you out on a date, would you say yes?



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